Cavity Wall

Cavity Wall

Elevate Building Performance - SRW's Rockwool Cavity Wall Insulation guarantees unparalleled thermal efficiency and fire safety, setting new standards in construction.

SRW's Cavity Wall Insulation is a premier solution for external wall insulation, expertly designed to reduce thermal transfer and enhance building energy efficiency. Suitable for use between various construction substrates, our Rigid and Semi-Rigid Rockwool Insulation Boards are crafted to meet the highest international standards, including ASTM C 612 & BS EN 13162, offering a versatile range of thickness and density options to meet specific project needs.

Technical Excellence: Adhering to rigorous compliance standards, SRW Rockwool boards feature exceptional thermal conductivity (0.033 - 0.034 W/m.K), ensuring optimal insulation performance. With densities ranging from 70 to 100 Kg/m3 and compressive strength of 2.5 - 20 KPa, they are engineered for durability and long-term stability.

Benefits of The Cavity Wall Insulation

  • Water Repellant Grade
  • Excellent Thermal Efficiency
  • Non-Combustible
  • Euroclass Fire Classification – “A1”
  • “zero” Flame Spread Index
  • “zero” smoke Developed Index
  • UL Greenguard Certified
  • FM Approved
  • Fungi / mold Resistance
  • No Capillary action
  • Acoustically Absorbent

Rockwool Cavity Board Benefits:

For expert advice on selecting the right insulation solution for your cavity wall system, the Saudi Rockwool technical team is on hand to provide detailed consultations, ensuring your project benefits from the highest standards of energy efficiency and safety.