LD Blanket

Versatile Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Solutions

LD Blanket

The Saudi Rockwool LD Blanket is a versatile insulation material, crafted from basalt rocks transformed into fibrous form and bonded with a thermosetting binder. This process results in flexible rolls that are lightweight and easy to handle, making the LD Blanket ideal for a wide range of applications. Meeting both ASTM C-665 and ASTM C-553 standards, it offers a solution for moderate ambient temperature insulation needs, such as in light steel structures, prefabricated houses, drywall partitions, and cavity walls.


Key Features:

  • Optimal Insulation: Designed to provide excellent thermal and acoustic properties, ensuring a comfortable and quiet environment.
  • Durability and Safety: Non-corrosive, stable physical properties, high flexibility, and the highest fire rating make it a safe and durable choice.
  • Health and Environmental Considerations: Asbestos-free and chemically and biologically inert, with an emphasis on being environmentally friendly.
  • Ease of Use: Its lightweight nature and flexibility make it easy to cut, shape, and install, facilitating a smooth application process.


Customizable Facing Options:

To cater to different installation requirements, the LD Blanket can be customized with either reflective aluminum foil facing for vapor barrier purposes or non-reflective Kraft paper, adding to its versatility.


Packaging and Product Range:

Each LD Blanket roll is carefully packed in polyethylene bags to protect against water and physical damage, with lengths tailored to the thickness of the material. Available in widths of 0.6 and 1.2 meters, lengths of 1.2 and 2.4 meters, and densities ranging from 120 to 180 Kg/m3, it provides ample options for insulation projects. Additionally, custom sizes can be produced on special order, ensuring that the Saudi Rockwool LD Blanket meets the specific needs of any construction or insulation task.