Duct Wrap

Enhancing Efficiency with Superior Thermal and Acoustic Performance

Duct Wrap

Saudi Rockwool Duct Wrap is a state-of-the-art flexible insulation solution, expertly crafted from Rock Wool fibers bonded with a thermosetting binder to form the perfect roll shape. Specifically designed to meet the ASTM C-1290 standard for flexible blanket insulation, this product is tailored for the thermal insulation of HVAC ducts across a variety of applications.

Ideal for use on both flat and curved ductwork, Saudi Rockwool Duct Wrap ensures optimal thermal insulation, coupled with exceptional fire safety and acoustic performance. This makes it an indispensable component in modern HVAC systems, aiming to achieve enhanced efficiency and comfort within residential and commercial spaces.


Key Benefits:

  • Exceptional Thermal Insulation: Reduces energy consumption by effectively minimizing heat loss or gain through ductwork.
  • Acoustic Performance: Significantly diminishes sound transmission, contributing to a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment.
  • Fire Safety: Non-combustible materials ensure added safety and peace of mind.
  • Durability: Maintains its physical and chemical properties over time, ensuring long-lasting performance without maintenance.
  • Health and Environmental Responsibility: Asbestos-free and CFC/HCFC-free composition makes it a safe choice for indoor air quality and the environment.
  • Prevention of Condensation: Reduces the risk of condensation within HVAC ducts, protecting the system and the structure from potential water damage.
  • Ease of Installation: Can be easily cut, handled, and installed, ensuring a seamless fit around ductwork with minimal waste.


Facing Options:

Available with a reflective vapor barrier on one or both sides, Saudi Rockwool Duct Wrap effectively prevents moisture penetration, enhancing the insulation's overall performance and durability.


Technical Specifications:

  • Demonstrates a K-value range of 0.032 - 0.035 w/m K at 10°C, ensuring efficient thermal performance.
  • Boasts a flame spread index of <10 and smoke developed <20, meeting stringent safety standards.


Packaged in polyethylene PE bags for protection, Saudi Rockwool Duct Wrap is offered in lengths of 10 meters, with a nominal density of 35 - 50 Kg/m3 and thickness options of 40 - 50 mm. Custom sizes are available upon request to accommodate specific project needs, making Saudi Rockwool Duct Wrap a versatile and essential component for any HVAC insulation project.