Flat Roof / Low Slopped Roof

Flat Roof Insulation

A Flat is in general referred to the roofing element when it’s slop is less than 10°. Sometimes these are also defined as “Low Slope Roofs”. These can be constructed traditionally with concrete as well modern sheet metal roof construction which are also known as low-Pitched Roofing.

Saudi Rockwool Factory's Flat Roof Insulation systems redefine thermal efficiency and durability for both traditional concrete and modern low-pitched metal roofs. Tailored to integrate seamlessly with various roofing systems, including fully bonded, partially bonded, and mechanically fastened membranes, Saudi Rockwool Boards are engineered to withstand foot traffic and prevent water ingress, ensuring a weather-tight finish.

Technical Excellence:

Manufactured to meet ASTM C 726, C612, and EN 13162 standards, our Rockwool Boards offer exceptional thermal conductivity (0.033 - 0.034 W/m.K) and high compressive strength (45-85 KPa), ensuring your roofing system remains robust and efficient under any condition.

Unmatched Durability and Efficiency

Saudi Rockwool's High-Density Rigid Rockwool Boards revolutionize flat roof insulation with superior compression strength, fire safety, and thermal performance, compatible with all roofing systems.

Versatile Application:

Saudi Rockwool is compatible with an array of roofing systems, ensuring flexibility in design and application. Its multi-layer insulation strategy, utilizing variable densities, optimizes compression strength and thermal efficiency.