Wired Blanket

Wired Blankets are high density thermal and acoustic insulation produced from mineral rock fibers spun from molten basalt and stitched to 25 mm galvanized or stainless steel hexagonal wire mesh according to ASTM C-592 requirements.

Wired Blanket

Saudi Rockwool Wired Blankets offer superior thermal and acoustic insulation tailored for heavy industrial applications facing intense heat and vibration. These high-density blankets are produced from mineral rock fibers spun from molten basalt, meticulously stitched onto a 25 mm galvanized or stainless steel hexagonal wire mesh, aligning with ASTM C-592 specifications.

Designed for the insulation of hot air ducts, furnaces, boiler tanks, chimneys, and large-diameter pipes, Saudi Rockwool Wired Blankets ensure optimal thermal insulation, fire safety, and sound insulation in the most demanding environments. They are engineered to withstand severe conditions, making them ideal for flanges and valves in oil refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial settings requiring robust insulation solutions.

Key Features and Installation Insights:

  • Careful handling and precise cutting ensure the integrity of the blankets during installation.
  • Suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications, with mechanical fasteners or wire mesh ensuring secure placement.
  • Galvanized steel bands and protective coverings enhance durability and resistance to environmental or mechanical impact.


  • Exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation qualities.
  • Durability in severe vibration and high temperature conditions.
  • Fire safety compliant, with stable physical and chemical properties over time.
  • Environmentally friendly, asbestos-free, and resistant to microbial growth.
  • Easy to customize and install, compatible with austenitic steel surfaces.

Customization and Technical Specifications:

  • Available with a standard 25 mm galvanized hexagonal wire mesh, with options for stainless steel or thicker galvanized mesh upon special request.
  • Offers excellent thermal conductivity and is rated for maximum use temperatures up to 750°C, with a melting point of 1150°C and a Euro fire classification of A1.

Packaged in polyethylene bags for protection, the Saudi Rockwool Wired Blanket comes in various dimensions, densities, and thicknesses to meet specific industrial insulation needs, with custom sizes available upon request. This ensures that each project can achieve the highest standards of insulation performance and safety.