Spandrel Insulation / Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall

Curtain wall systems are non-structural cladding systems for the external walls of buildings. They are generally associated with large, multi-storey buildings.

Typically curtain wall is a non structural outer covering system comprise a lightweight aluminum frame onto which glazed or opaque infill panels can be fixed. These infill panels are often described as glazing whether or not they are made of glass.

Curtain wall provides flexibility to use a combination of glasses with various other cladding material to be aesthetically pleasant. Apart from aesthetics curtain walls are designed to provide thermal performance to the buildings and RockWool insulation is preferred choice because of it is light in weight and non-combustible nature.

Saudi Rockwool products in curtain wall used in a combination of thermal insulation as well fire resistant Safing Insulation for Perimeter fire Stop & Cavity Fire Barrier Application.

Saudi Rockwool Insulation for Curtain wall in manufactured in compliance to ASTM C 612, BS EN 13162 and various other international standards. Products are available in Rigid and semi rigid forms as suitable for application.

Benefits of The Curtain Wall Insulation

  • Water Repellant
  • Non-Combustible
  • Euroclass Fire Classification – “A1”
  • Melting temperature above 1000 °C
  • “zero” Flame Spread Index
  • “zero” smoke Developed Index
  • Acoustically Absorbent (NRC up to 1.0)
  • Fungi / mold Resistance
  • No Capillary action
  • No Toxic smoke or Gases
  • Chemically inert