Pre Engineered Roof

Pre Engineered / Built-up Roofing System

Elevating Structural Integrity with Saudi Rockwool Insulation

Saudi Rockwool's pre-engineered and built-up roofing systems redefine industrial and architectural roofing with steel structural framing, offering unparalleled strength, economy, and waterproofing. Incorporating Saudi Rockwool insulation enhances these systems with superior fire safety, acoustic properties, and thermal performance, ideal for a wide range of applications from industrial complexes to educational facilities.

Enhanced Safety and Comfort with Saudi Rockwool

Our ASTM-compliant Rockwool solutions elevate thermal stability and fire resistance in pre-engineered buildings, ensuring a secure, comfortable environment.

Beyond thermal efficiency and safety, Saudi Rockwool significantly improves the acoustic performance of roofing systems. The lightweight, flexible, and durable design makes it an excellent choice for metal roofing, effectively reducing rain and impact sound, a common concern in large-scale buildings.

Benefits of The Pre Engineered Roof

  • Especially designed product for higher compressive strength requirement.
  • Excellent Fire Safety
  • Excellent Thermal Performance
  • Acoustically Effective
  • Non-Combustible
  • Fire Resistant
  • “zero” Flame Spread Index
  • “zero” smoke Developed Index
  • No Toxic smoke or Gases
  • Chemically inert

Technical Excellence and Compliance: Designed to meet rigorous international standards, Saudi Rockwool insulation boasts low thermal conductivity (0.033 - 0.037 W/m.K) and high compressive strength (2 - 20 KPa), certified by ASTM C 177 / C 518, C 303, C 165, and others. With "zero" flame spread and smoke developed index, it offers unmatched safety and performance in pre-engineered building solutions.

Versatile Application Range: Tailored for both single skin and double skin roofing systems, including standing seam configurations, Saudi Rockwool provides a stable thermal performance across a broad density range (40 - 120 Kg/m3) and thickness options (50 - 200 mm), ensuring an adaptable solution for every project need.